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Company News:

Announcement: Annmarie Drugonis as Executive Vice President, July 2017

Facility Support Services, LLC is excited to announce the appointment of Annmarie Drugonis as our Executive Vice President as of July 2017.  Ms. Drugonis’s Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management and continued education including certifications in health and safety during her 20 years’ of industry experience make her an exceptional fit for this position.  Annmarie will lead FSS confidently in continuous improvement and providing an increased customer focused direction within the Environmental and Health/Safety Compliance Consulting profession. As a regular practice Annmarie visits customers, listening to their needs and familiarizing herself with customers goals to ensure we are providing our clients the best service and satisfaction.

Ms. Drugonis’s honesty, integrity, hands-on experience and leadership will be reflected in the services that FSS provides to our customers.

Annmarie Drugonis 
Annmarie Drugonis has been promoted to Executive Vice President, based on her 20 years of experience within the environmental field and work as Senior Environmental Engineer within Facility Support Services. She holds a degree in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University and has project experience to include working with permit wastewater discharges, discharge monitoring reports, air emissions evaluations, wetland surveys, stormwater permits and programs, Title V permits , PSD and NSPDS permits, Part A & Part B permitting, risk management plan development (RMP), and process safety management design (PSM). Other projects include SPCC plan development, Emergency Response compliance, Tier II/TRI/ Biennial reporting, RCRA compliance including submittal of exported waste reports, HACCP, Food Safety, FSMA, Truck to Truck DOT compliance, NOIE, Benzene NESHAP, RICE NESHAP, and PCB Annual Log reports to name a few. Annmarie has also worked within a variety of industries such as plating, manufacturing, textile, transfer storage disposal facilities (TSDFs), food safety, as well as in the transportation sector.