Company News

Company News:  

We at Facility Support care about your well being! We are in hurricane season to ensure you’re prepared for the next storm or heat wave. We have prepared a small list of tips!
1. Beforehand save your milk gallons, fill and freeze them with water so you have ice when you need it!
2. Always have spare water bottles.
3. Stock up on non-perishable food items.
4. Have extra batteries for flashlights.
5. Have solar powered battery packs to charge your phone!
6. Buy or fill an extra bag or tank of propane or charcoal
7. If you have one ensure your generator is not facing any windows or doors to your house! CO is a silent killer!
8. CO detectors should be placed on every floor of the house.
9. If you have pets stock up on food and water for them.
10. Before the storm check your area for trees touching or hanging over power lines and reports them to your electric company or public works!

                NEW LOCATION – 121 North Plains Industrial Road, Unit F, Wallingford, CT 06492

Facility Support Services is excited to announce we have moved! As of January 1st 2020 we are now located in Wallingford, Connecticut.  As a team we feel being more centrally located will allow us to better service the needs of our clients.  

What new do we have to offer?

We have Infectious Disease Plans as well as Heat Safety for Outdoor Workers. We are offering free Zoom/ Microsoft Team meetings that highlight new industry topics and what our clients should know!